State Crimes


If you are facing a state offense, an attorney at Hallinan & Wine is ready to defend you. Our lawyers will always try to be as upfront and clear as possible in our office because you have to be direct when a client's life quite literally is on the line. State offenses are a serious matter and we understand that you can't falter when fighting a state offense. Toward that end, our clients will always receive the qualified representation of a state criminal offenses lawyer in San Francisco, allowing them to understand their options and make informed decisions.

When it comes to criminal defense, experience matters. Because our firm has tried so many cases and has extensive trial experience, our reputable body of work can help us strike a deal with the prosecution. Simply put, our opponents understand the skill we bring to each case and may be more willing to discuss a deal. We won't hesitate to defend you at trial, but we will try to explore every possible option, including alternative sentencing options that serve as an alternative to jail or prison for many clients.


There's a no-pressure first interview at our firm and we encourage prospective clients to schedule a free initial consultation and visit our San Francisco, California, firm to see if our team can meet your needs.

In addition to state offenses, we handle a range of criminal cases, including:

  • Federal offenses: State charges can become a federal matter. The government has wide authority in pursuing charges.
  • Drug charges: Marijuana is among the most common drug charges, but there are a variety of felonies related to drug crimes.
  • White collar crimes: These are often fraud cases. Many start out as seemingly small crimes, but the government takes fraud very seriously.

If you are facing a state offense or any other criminal charge, contact Hallinan & Wine by calling us at (415) 621-2400 or through our online form. Credit cards are accepted.